Tips for traveling with anxiety

Does Anxiety & Panic Keep You From Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams?


It happens to the best of us. Those pesky gremlins inside our head telling us a whole manner of untruths that we simply can’t brush away. For some, traveling can be an anxiety trigger. At its worst anxiety may stop us from fulfilling our true potential including taking those long dreamed about global journeys.

Check out this article by She Explores Life for some fabulous tips on traveling with anxiety. Annette has some fabulous personal advice to offer and some great resources!

One of my favorites tips is #6  Find a travel companion who understands anxiety and panic: Take your first couple of trips with a friend, family member or partner who understands anxiety, panic and how to best support you. This is another approach to exposure therapy. Bonus: you get to make wonderful memories with someone you love!



If you don’t have a travel buddy, consider joining a small group journey, maybe a weekend getaway close to home at first. As you add to your toolkit and practice anxiety busting techniques {maybe those suggested by Annette} you may soon feel the calling to branch further afield and take your first global journey.

The World is waiting, where will you go?

– Nicola Balmain

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