Tanzania like a local!

How do you begin to describe the experiences we shared during our trip to Tanzania? The colors, the food, the sounds, the smells, the amazing people – sensory overload! Nanda Journeys is the perfect company for delegations of people who are interested in immersing themselves in the country’s traditions, social norms and education institutions.

During our time at the St. Jude’s School and at the Tumaini University Makumira Cultural Arts Centre we shared meals and interacted with the students, teachers and community members. Making drums and learning traditional dances helped us gain a deeper knowledge of day to day living in that exotic country.

After each journey, we come back a changed person – we have a greater understanding of people all over this marvelous earth.

Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer traveled to Tanzania in 2018, this year she will be leading a Music Education Journey to Australia, see what we have planned HERE.

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